Sue's story

I retired from local government in 2016 and was keen to find out more about health services.

My local GP  surgery - Maywood Healthcare Centre in Bognor Regis -  had kept me and my family healthy and well for the 25 years that we had been living in West Sussex and I was impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness to patient needs.

I became the treasurer of my surgery's Patient Participation Group (PPG) as a way of learning more about how health services operate but also to give something back and I have never looked back.

As a member of a PPG you also have access to a wider world of Patient Participation  through a national network and also events organised by the Clinical Commissioning Group where members of other PPG's can meet and share best practice on Patient Participation.

I have enjoyed learning more about how health services are organised, operate and work together and have met some amazing people. The Patient has a voice in West Sussex and many ways to be heard. PPG' s can play a big part in this .