Care homes meetings

Care homes in Regis forum

Jackie Pace, Geriatrician, gave an interactive talk about falls. She is surrounded by some of the staff from care homes at the meeting.

Meeting dates for 2018

Please bring any specific cases you wish to discuss, but no patient identifiable information please. All are welcome (GPs, PPs, NPs, HCAs, care homes staff etc.).

Each meeting takes place at two locations on two dates, with the same talk delivered at both, as listed below:

  1. Wednesday 20 June 1-2pm Maywood Surgery
    Tuesday 26 June 1-2pm Flansham Park Surgery
  2. Wednesday 18 July 1-2pm Maywood Surgery
    Tuesday 24 July 1-2pm Flansham Park Surgery
  3. Wednesday 19 Sept 1-2pm Maywood Surgery
    Tuesday 25 Sept 1-2pm Flansham Park Surgery
  4. Wednesday 17 October 1-2pm Maywood Surgery
    Tuesday 23 October 1-2pm Flansham Park Surgery
  5. Wednesday 21 November 1-2pm Maywood Surgery
    Tuesday 27 November 1-2pm Flansham Park Surgery

Please email or call West Meads Surgery on 01243 837980 to reserve a place/for more info.

Suggested topics for future meetings: