Child death reviews

The child death review process encompasses two functions:

Formation of a Child Death Overview Panel for West Sussex

This process has been statutory since April 2008.  The processes governing the set up of the Child Death Overview Panel are clearly laid out in Working Together 2010 (Section 7).  All deaths of children occurring within the area covered by the Local Safeguarding Board (County of West Sussex) of children aged 0-18 years are being reviewed by the panel.

The panel collects and analyses information about each death with a view to identifying:

  • Any case giving rise to the need for a further review
  • Any matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children in the area of authority
  • Any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or pattern of deaths in that area.

Medical input to the Panel is being provided by the Designated Doctor of Safeguarding Children and a Public Health Consultant.  The Designated Nurse, Safeguarding Children, also sits on the Panel.

Setting up an Unexpected Death Rapid Response Team

This is a group of professionals involved with a child who dies unexpectedly who come together to enquire into, and evaluate, the child’s death.

Responsibilities include:

  • Responding quickly to the unexpected death of a child
  • Making immediate enquiries into evaluating the reasons and circumstances of the death in agreement with the coroner
  • Undertaking the type of enquiries and investigations which relate to the current responsibilities of the respective organisation
  • Collecting information in a nationally agreed manner