Closure of The Lawns Surgery in Rustington

The Lawns Surgery in Rustington is now closed following the retirement of Dr Charles Schlosberg.

We have worked hard over the last six months to make sure that all patients at The Lawns Surgery are able to continue to access GP services.

What has happened to support patients

Following feedback from patients and talking with the other GP practices in the area, it was agreed that patients can register at any of the other local GP practices if you live within their practice boundary and they are accepting new patients.

This meant that patients were not made to move to one particular GP practice, and in most cases patients have had a choice about where to go to next.

Letters have been sent to all patients, including one this month that has allocated any patients who remained registered with The Lawns Surgery to a new GP practice in the area.

What happens next

Once you have been registered with a new GP practice, they will contact you via letter or text to say that you have transferred to them and you should then contact them for all your health needs.

Your medical records will transfer automatically to your new GP practice as part of this process.

If you are currently receiving hospital care, it is important that you confirm details of your new GP practice to the hospital so that they keep your new GP informed about your care.

What if I don’t want to go to the GP practice I have registered with?

You still have the right to register at another local GP practice if you do not want to go to the GP practice you have registered with, as long as the GP practice of your choice is accepting new patient registrations and you live within their practice boundary.

For more information about the GP practices in the local area and where you could register, use our online tool to see which GP practices cover your address, and their contact details.

Simply click on the link above, enter your postcode, select your address, and the map will show you the GP practices that cover your address on the map.

In the box on the right-hand side it will show the number of practices covering that area and the results can be displayed by clicking the word "here" as illustrated:

Health GIS screen shot

If you have any questions about using this online tool, please contact the CCG’s Primary Care Team by calling 01903 708547 or emailing

If you would like to know more about any of the GP practices, there is more information on the NHS website.

Any questions?

If you do have any questions please contact us by email on or by the phone on 01903 708547.