Primary care co-commissioning

From 1st April 2016, the CCG became responsible for the commissioning of GP services.

This means that we are responsible for buying, monitoring and checking the services available at GP practices.

This move followed a ballot of our member GP practices in December, after CCGs across the country were asked to consider new proposals that would give CCGs more involvement in the planning, buying and monitoring of GP services.

The proposals were set out as three options:

  • Greater involvement
  • Joint commissioning
  • Delegated commissioning

We agreed to move to delegated commissioning which makes the CCG responsible for commissioning these services.

The options, and more information, are set out in detail in the NHS England document: Next steps towards co- commissioning. 

A change to the way we work

This is a change as for the last three years CCGs have only been responsible for the care and treatment that patients may need in hospital and in the community, and not at your GP practice.

But we see this as a really positive change as we want to be able to plan services that meet the needs of our whole population, not just those that are provided in the community and in hospital, but also in our local GP practices.

We have a strategy to improve general practice and community care, and make sure that it can continue to provide the high quality care patients need for years to come.

We will also invest in primary care, and plan services, based on what care is most needed by local patients, across the whole NHS.

To take on this new responsibility we will need to work differently and we have set up a Primary Care Commissioning Committee that reports into our Clinical Commissioning Executive and our Governing Body: Assurance.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee will meet in public quarterly throughout the year and will be the forum for key decisions about projects and plans relating to GP practices.

It is made up predominately of lay members and independent clinical members of our Governing Body to minimise any conflict of interest.

Want to know more?

We will continue to keep our local community updated and informed as this moves forward, and we welcome your views.

We will also be finalising a frequently asked questions for patients and the public to describe the benefits we see from moving to a greater role in commissioning primary care.

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