Engagement activity in 2016

Let’s talk...

Our roadshow of events focusing on four key questions started in Worthing in October with our over-sized blackboards.

We have also been to Chichester town centre, Pulborough (Tescos), Bognor Regis (Sainsburys), visited Children’s Centres in Petworth and Midhurst and attended a flu clinic at a local GP practice. So far we have captured approximately 800 comments. 

Read about what you said in 2016.


On 3 November we ran a focus group on diabetes here in Durrington with 17 attendees. We are currently producing a survey asking patients, carers and clinical staff about their experiences of diabetes services.

PPG engagement and events

On the 13 September we ran a PPG event looking at how we can work better together. The session was attended by 18 people from eleven different GP practice PPGs.

There was lots of really good discussions and some of the actions that arose where to distribute guidance that sets out what a good PPG looks like, help promote the benefits of PPGs to practice staff and consider holding PPG network groups at locality level.

In December, PPG representatives attended the primary care conference which focused on the General Practice Transition Agreement and discussed the approach of local community networks and the implications for PPGs.

Equality and diversity work (EDS2)

We undertook a substantial piece of engagement with voluntary sector organisations as part of the equality delivery system (EDS2), with one to one meetings to look at the ways that we are addressing the needs of people from protected characteristics.

We have had feedback so far covering:

  • visual and hearing impairment;
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)  (Worthing, Bognor, Littlehampton);
  • mental health and learning disability;
  • carers;
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT+);
  • disadvantaged (homeless); 
  • children with disabilities;
  • older people.  

Using the primary and urgent care  survey findings

We have continued to use the findings from the survey including presenting / sending tailored findings to providers such as Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust (mental health) and Western Hospitals Foundation Trust, as well as doing tailored searches and reports for commissioners here on diabetes, stroke, urgent care, leaving hospital (discharge) and pharmacy.

Annual general meeting (AGM)

The CCG’s annual general meeting was on the 29 September, where we had a market place where partners, stakeholders and members of the public were invited to look at a range of our work.