Engagement activity in 2017

Learning lessons from the closure of Arun Medical Group

In October 2016 Arun Medical Group, a GP practice in Littlehampton closed, and the 7,070 patients registered there were registered with other GP practices in the area. This was the first closure for the CCG under its co-commissioning responsibilities, and so we were keen to understand what went well for patients and how the process could have been improved.

From February to March 2017, the CCG engaged with patients that had been registered at Arun Medical Group to hear from them and understand how the process could have been better for them. A survey was carried out over six weeks, and the CCG heard from 31 patients. Their feedback was also combined with feedback that Healthwatch West Sussex had received as part of their listening tour in Littlehampton.

A formal lessons learnt report has been produced and reported to the CCG’s Primary Care Co-commissioning Committee and the Public Engagement Committee. It has been circulated within the CCG and will be considered for any future work in relation to changes to GP practices or potential practice closures.

Diabetes engagement events

Diabetes UK together with NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group recently held three engagement events across Coastal West Sussex to hear from people living or caring for someone with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The events were well attended in Worthing and Chichester with a smaller focus group in Steyning.

A huge thank you to everyone who came along - we are working on writing up all the comments and conversations that we heard from all three events and will share this as soon as we can.

Our NHS campaign

In 2017, Coastal West Sussex CCG launched a consultation with our patients and communities about the challenges we face in dealing with an increasing demand on services while ensuring that we continue to provide high quality care and treatment.

We received over 1,000 responses to the survey, both online and through paper copies.

The focus of the survey was on priorities for change in the NHS and views on some key suggestions for efficiency measures such as improved prescribing of medication, ideas around Local Community Networks.

A summary of findings and the full report are available.

End of life care

In a series of engagement events, you said that…

Bereavement care is really important as part of the care package

  • In end of life care, you come into contact with lots of different professionals, and one of the things that is difficult is having to repeat all your details each time you meet another member of staff
  • You want the people who know you best and who are closest to you to be able to make decisions for you when you are not able to do so yourself

We did…

  • We are developing new care plans for end of life care and are making sure we address these needs by:
  • Prioritising good bereavement support in our future commissioning
  • Developing plans for a register and a system where (with your permission) staff from all the different agencies can see information about your care plan, and your wishes, and the names of who you would like to make decisions about your care

Equality and diversity

The CCG has nominated “E and D champions” across the organisation and we have continued to profile different communities in the internal and external newsletter.

CWS CCG hosted the West Sussex Health and Social Care Minorities Group for the first time in June 2017 and was encouraged to welcome new members from local Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community groups.  Paul Woodcock, Sexual Health Commissioner from Public Health gave an excellent presentation about sexual health particularly in relation to BAME communities.

Since this meeting, Bridget – the CCG's Public Engagement Manager - has been in contact with the sexual health services to link them with community organisations to support greater engagement and dissemination of sexual health materials.  For more information about the service see the Sexual Health West Sussex website.

PPG engagement event

In June 2017 the CCG hosted its bi-annual PPG network event. Attendance was good with over 30 people registering to attend representing more than 20 different patient participation groups from across the Coastal area.

Jill Long, who is a deputy lead governor at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, attended and talked with the group about how to link the governors with PPGs and Tina Favier, who works in the CCGs primary care team spoke about the emerging Local Community Networks and what part PPGs can play to support this. Bridget gave an overview of the current financial difficulties that the CCG is facing. There was an opportunity for some table discussion and participants were encouraged to share good practice or examples of what has worked well within their PPGs.

Supporting local patient participation groups

On two dates in April the CCG supported Lime Tree Practice in Findon and Durrington to promote their PPG at their community events. Staff from both practices came together with local patients and local support groups to talk about the importance of patient involvement in making their GP practice work for them and as a direct result there is an open recruitment campaign for the PPG and a further 36 members have joined the PPG.

Joint stakeholder engagement event with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) adult social care

We worked with the WSCC Adult Social Care team and the voluntary sector to develop a stakeholder event to discuss the new direction of adult social care and Local Community Networks.  The audience for the event was primarily the voluntary sector, and other public sector organisations (e.g. police, fire, District and Boroughs). It was attended by over 60 voluntary organisations.

Public engagement training

Following the success of previous Patient Engagement Training sessions in 2015/16, the CCG have repeated the sessions on two days in March and April. Around 30 people registered to attend over the two days and feedback, particularly for Jessie Cunnett who facilitated the sessions, was positive. The sessions were advertised to our Public Members, ePanel, PPGs and our networks such as practice managers and voluntary sector and it was encouraging to see some new faces. Slides are available for anyone who was unable to attend:

Public engagement training day 1 slides

Public engagement training day 2 slides.

Stakeholder 360

The annual 360 Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Stakeholder Survey took place between 16 January 2017 and 28 February 2017 and the results have been shared with the CCG. The survey is issued by NHS England, carried out by Ipsos Mori, and forms a central part of the annual assurance process that all CCGs are required to complete. The survey allows the CCG and NHS England to understand how relationships with key stakeholders have developed over the last year and allows stakeholders to provide feedback on their working relationship with the CCG.

Overall, positive responses were received in general engagement, working relationships, understanding of our plans and priorities, involvement in decision making, and acting on feedback. Improvements could be made in having the right plans and priorities, strength of leadership, ability to influence, and being seen to engage.

The full results are available.