Getting to an appointment

If you are unable to get to an appointment by yourself or using public transport, there are options available.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service

If you are unable for clinical reasons to use private or public transport to get to and from hospital, you might be eligible to use the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service.

This non-emergency service is commissioned by the NHS for eligible patients with a medical need that prevents them using conventional transport to take them to and from hospitals.

Find out more about eligibility criteria and how to book for the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service or see the service booklet.

If you are not eligible, you may be able to get other help with transport costs.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a booking?

Full booking information is available online.

How much does it cost?

Patient transport service is free to eligible patients

How can I recognise the PTS drivers? Do they have a uniform or wear a badge?

Ambulance, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) drivers and taxi drivers are required to identify themselves with ID badges or letters from SCAS

What do I do if my patient transport doesn’t turn up or is late?

Ring SCAS on 0300 123 9841.

What access is there for people in wheelchairs?

Details of every patient’s mobility will be collected at the time of making the booking for transport to ensure that a suitable vehicle is used.

I have a disability. Can the crews help me?

This should be highlighted at the time of booking. An appropriately trained crew will then be sent. Crews are trained and able to provide support to all PTS users.

Are there healthcare professionals on the transport? If not, can this be arranged?

The type and skills of the transport drivers working to convey patients will vary to meet the requirements of the booking and your clinical requirements.

What if I am seriously ill on the transport?

If you become seriously ill on transport, you will be looked after by the crew or driver and they will call 999 to request paramedic assistance if needed.

How do i give feedback or make a complaint?

Contact SCAS's Patient Experience Team

You can also complete SCAS's survey.

Repatriation of Sussex patients

All bookings for the repatriation of Sussex-registered patients back to the county should be made with South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. For long-distance journeys SCAS require 24 hour notice.

To book a journey back to West Sussex from outside the county, please call:

  • SCAS Contact Centre – 0300 123 9841
    07:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday
    08:00-17:00 Sundays and Bank Holidays

If SCAS are unable to complete the journey they may liaise with local PTS providers to complete the journey on their behalf. If neither of these options is possible then please contact Derek Laird to discuss your journey request, by email or on 07557 680046. If Derek is not available contact Keith Hoare.

All journeys must be authorised ahead of the patient being transported and in the event they are not then payment will not follow the patient.

Community transport

A range of providers can help you access health services if you cannot use public transport for health reasons, or where there is no form of transport available to you.

They often operate a Dial-a-Ride service and help you from your door to the vehicle and into the hospital or clinic at the other end. Charges vary from operator to operator.

Community transport providers

West Sussex County Council has an annual directory of providers containing information about the locations they serve and their contact details: see WSCC Community Transport Directory.


The Traveline website will inform you of your connections and travelling time. A daily timetable for your journey can also be created and emailed to you free of charge. You can also search for specific bus and train timetables.