June 2018 PPG event

On Tuesday 12 June 2018 Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) welcomed representatives from GP Patient Participation Groups (PPG) for the first of its bi-annual PPG network events. 

The CCGs Public Engagement Manager, Renee Dickinson opened the event and then there was an update from Laura Robertson (Head of Communications and Engagement) covering the following:

  • Changes to the CCGs executive team
  • The current financial position
  • Local Community Networks (LCNs)
  • the CCGs current priority programmes

Members of the Urgent Care and 111 team – Dr. Vicky Beattie and Colin Simmons - updated on the plans for when you need help urgently and the engagement activity that has taken place.

Information from the event

Slides from the event are available and a summary of the questions and respective answers has been written.

PPG members were encouraged to join the online forum as this is a useful way to share information and generate discussion. A simple guide explaining how to join the forum has been produced.  

Feedback from the event

A feedback report has been drafted but generally, there was great positivity to the event, particularly around the venue, clarity of speakers and responses to the questions asked by the audience. 

The second PPG event will be later this year which will provide an opportunity for you to network without the constraints of a formal agenda. We will let you know in advance once a date is confirmed.

Suggestions for future events

We will take on board comments around giving everyone in the room a chance to speak and ask questions, and whilst we acknowledge that not everyone will feel comfortable doing this we plan to reinstate the comments box at future events, into which attendees can privately drop a thought or question that will be responded to asap.