#FitFutures service launched in Arun

Wednesday 18th April, 2018

Silhouette two young people jumping in front of a sunset

We wanted to promote a new local service that started in April 2018 for young people aged 13 to 18 years old.

#FitFutures is a free health and nutritional programme to help teenagers who would like to feel more confident when it comes to their food choices and being physically active.

The 12 week programme will support teenagers to learn together about healthy foods and unhealthy foods, what happens to our bodies during exercise and why it is good for you, as well as the dangers we face in later life if we don’t start out on the right course.

Funded by Arun Wellbeing and delivered by Freedom Leisure, the course begins on Wednesday 18th April, at Arun Leisure Centre, from 5pm – 6pm for young people living in the Arun district.

It is free to attend and those who complete it will be eligible for six months of free access to the gym and swimming at Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Centre or Arun Leisure Centre.

The only pre-requisite for the course is for the young person to feel less confident when it comes to exercise and understanding healthy nutrition. There are no physical weights or measures taken as part of this course.

This course will run in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, led by our #FitFutures Team, providing the best possible opportunity to pass on useful knowledge and encourage participants to be more active.

For further information, to refer or for an individual to book please do not hesitate to contact Carrie Reynolds on