Health and care services continue to manage high demand

Thursday 8th March, 2018

Local health and social care services are currently extremely busy, with large numbers of people requiring treatment and care. This means that some patients unfortunately have to wait longer than we would like to be seen, treated or transferred to where they need to be.

All the organisations responsible for health and social care across the local area are working extremely hard together to make sure patients receive safe and high quality care. Collectively, we have made some real improvements to help more people get the care they need at the time they need it.

Patients now have greater access to GP services, we have made progress on the length of time people have to wait to be seen and treated in A&E departments and people are spending less time in hospital when they do not need to be there.

However, we recognise we still have work to do and we will carry on working in partnership to ensure the progress we have made continues.

Front line staff are working extremely hard to provide care for patients and local people can also play their part by making sure they use the services available to them appropriately and at the right time.

Some people are using services, such as A&E departments and GPs, when they could have been seen elsewhere or treated themselves more effectively at home. This puts additional pressure on those services and means other patients have to wait longer to get the treatment they need.

For urgent care that is not an emergency, there are many services available. These include:

  • Visit the NHS website to check symptoms, better understand health, find out the services available and get advice on how to care for yourself
  • Your GP
  • Out of hours GP
  • Walk-in centres and minor injuries units
  • Visit pharmacies
  • Call NHS 111 for assistance, information and out-of-hours doctors
  • Emergency dental service
  • Emergency contraception and sexual health
  • Treatment for minor eye conditions.