New video shows partnership working between NHS and Local Government in East Sussex

Friday 9th March, 2018

Lady sitting at a table looking at old photographs

When the NHS and local government work together residents' quality of life improve. 

A new video launched by NHS England looks at the opportunity to integrate health and care and illustrates the example of Wealden District Council and Herstmonceux GP John Simmons working together to secure a health and wellbeing coach based at the GP surgery.

The difference with other schemes is that patients are referred directly to the coach for one to one support and follow up. Patients who were very regular GP visitors in the six months prior to engaging with the Health Coach have now reduced their visits by 61% in the subsequent six months following.

The scheme is now being expanded to include neighbouring GP practices via funding from the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

Watch the 'Health and care without boundries' video here

The video follows Angela who was widowed around 18 months ago. Isolation soon followed. Through this scheme, she has reconnected with others and now has the confidence to better manage her long-term conditions.