Use NHS Minor Injuries Unit to free up A&E this winter

Wednesday 20th December, 2017

The local NHS is urging people to use the local Minor Injuries Unit in Bognor Regis for treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, helping free up emergency care services for those most in need this Christmas.

Winter is expected to be extremely difficult for the NHS across the country, especially on A&E departments and GP surgeries as they cope with increasing numbers of people seeking treatment.

To help ease this pressure on local services, the NHS is urging people with minor infections and rashes, fractures and lacerations, stomach upsets, superficial cuts and bruises, minor burns and strains to visit the local Minor Injuries Unit in Bognor Regis when the MIU is open, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, not including weekends or Bank Holidays.

There is no need to be a registered patient or to make an appointment to use the walk-in centre and it offers quick treatment close to home for those that live in that area.

“If you need urgent care that is not an emergency this Xmas, you can get treated quickly without an appointment at the Minor Injuries Unit and help ease pressure on NHS emergency services and GPs.

“The NHS is doing everything it can to prepare for the extra winter pressures we expect to face, now we are calling the public to action through the HelpMyNHS campaign to ensure they access the right service for their needs at the right time.”