Disney characters working with the NHS to get children moving this half-term

Wednesday 7th February, 2018

Let the fun begin - for Disney inspired 10 minute shakes ups search '10 minute shake ups'.  Six images of Disney characters

Children across West Sussex are being given a shake-up, with a little help from Disney, over the half term holiday next week.

February half term makes for a very welcome break to recover from the January blues and that back-to-school feeling.

However for parents it also means a week to fill with activities to keep the kids entertained, which can take its toll on your budget - especially after the festive season and January sales.

But this half term there is a completely free way for families to get children moving during the week, by making use of the Change4Life ‘10 minute shake-up’ programme.

The initiative helps parents and carers to make it as easy as possible to help their children to be active, with simple, fun ten-minute activities.

The ‘Shake ups’ are available online and feature characters from Cars 3, Moana, Frozen Fever, Zootropolis, Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book to make them as attractive as possible for young people.

They involve games and activities all designed to get children moving, and can be fun for all the family.

Activities focus on core skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and balance.

The Chief Medical Officer in England recommends that children should active for at least an hour a day.

Currently less than one in four boys and only one in five girls are doing enough exercise.

Being active has a number of benefits for children and young people including making them feel happier and more confident as well as improve bone and heart health.

The shake-up activities are designed for children to do anywhere from small or large groups, on their own to in groups with their friends.

They aim to help children get more of the 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity they need each day.

Once they have completed an activity they can also choose a sticker and a stamp and work through the whole collection.

This half term there are also lots of activities taking place across the area, and places you can visit you’re your children to take advantage of the great outdoors.

From the Downs, to the woods, to the beaches, it is the perfect opportunity to encourage the whole family to be active and get moving.

To find out more about the ‘Shake-ups’ and get moving today visit the 10 minute shake up page on the NHS Change4Life website