Peer Support campaign encourages young people to seek support from peers

Thursday 21st March, 2019

The NHS Youth Forum have launched their "Peer Support" campaign to encourage young people to seek support from peers as well as encouraging services to provide opportunities for peer support to take place.

The NHS Youth Forum say:

Getting support from others often comes from sharing your experiences; we want to empower young people to share their story.

Young people face a wide range of experience of healthcare and we all have a story to tell, however big or small they may seem, every single young person’s voice matters. We want to encourage all young people to share their healthcare story with their family and friends, school peers or teachers, or through charities and youth organisations.

We want young people to take ownership of their individual story, but we recognise that it can be difficult for a young person to have the confidence to talk about their experiences, it’s ok for them not share until they are ready.

We encourage professionals to listen to the young people they are working with. It’s important that young people find their voice, to know that someone is out there who will listen and support them, and they are not alone.

  • How can they have the opportunity to share their experience with you?
  • Can they submit feedback anonymously?
  • Do young people know what services they can access if they need to tell someone their story or experience?

The NHS Youth Forum have created a postcard for young people, with tips for how to share their stories, and questions to ask when thinking about telling their story.

Between 18 and 22 March young people will be using Twitter and Instagram to empower their peers to share their story using the hashtag #myNHSstory – please like and share!