Our Governing Body

The Governing Body's committees

The Governing Body must comprise of an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee and a Primary Care Commissioning Committee, all of which are accountable to the Governing Body:

  • Audit and Assurance Committee - provides an independent and objective view of the CCG's financial systems information and compliance with laws, regulations and directions governing them.
  • Remuneration Committee - agrees the remuneration, fees and other allowances for senior employees and for people who provide services to the CCG. 
  • Primary Care Commissioning Committee (meeting held in public) - is accountable for all decisions relating to Primary Care commissioning. 

Although not stipulated in legislation, CWS CCG also has the following committees:  

  • Finance and Performance Committee – reviews the development and implementation of the finance and performance strategy and plans of the CCG and provides assurance to the Governing Body on fitness for purpose and delivery.
  • Quality Committee - provides assurance that the CCG is delivering its responsibilities for patient quality and safety and the effectiveness of clinical care.
  • Public Engagement Committee - provides assurance and scrutiny to ensure the CCG is undertaking effective patient and public engagement.

Terms of Reference

The Governing Body's Terms of Reference are available within our Constitution.

'Clinical Commissioning Executive' minutes

Monthly Clinical Commissioning Executive (CCE) meetings were held until June 2017. If you require a copy of any CCE minutes from before this date, please get in touch.