Our priorities


In 2017-18, the CCG is focused on two clear areas of work:

  • The financial recovery and stabilisation of the CCG;
  • The transformation of local services to integrate local care and support for people across Coastal West Sussex.

A clear priority has been to address the financial challenge. In 2016-17 the CCG ended the year with a deficit of £18.9m. Significant work has taken place this year to address the financial position and to deliver a Financial Recovery Plan to achieve a year end deficit position of £22.3m.

At the same time, we have been working with health and care partners to transform local services; supporting GPs, community teams, hospital teams and mental health professionals to work closer together, and to understand how they can meet the needs of their local communities within Coastal West Sussex.

Work has focused in four key areas:

Read more about our work on the pages in this section.

You can also read more about our work this year and next in our Operational Plan 2017-19

We are also working as part of the Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability & Transformation Partnership (STP), and key programmes of work at STP level include mental health and Clinically Effective Commissioning.