Our priorities


Our five year strategy describes how we will turn our vision for the local NHS into a reality and how we will secure a safe, sustainable and resilient NHS with better outcomes for local people:

Delivering the vision: Five Year Strategy and Two Year Operational Plan 2015

Summary of our priorities

  • Proactive care – Health and social care teams identifying people with complex health needs and who are at risk, and working with them and their carers to proactively plan their care to prevent them from becoming unwell and to get them back on their feet when they are unwell.
  • Urgent care – Strengthening local NHS services to make sure that you don’t go to hospital if you don’t need to, or stay longer than is necessary, and that you know which services to use when you need help most.
  • Mental health and learning disabilities – Making sure that people living with mental health needs or learning disabilities have access to joined up health and social care that supports every aspect of their physical and mental health.
  • Planned care – Making sure that when you’re unwell, you get the right services, in the right place quickly, keeping you at home wherever possible.
  • Children and young people – Supporting children and their families to ensure that every child's health needs are met.
  • Medicines management – Making sure you get the best out of your medicines, and that they are prescribed efficiently and reduce the amount of medicines that are wasted.