Celebration events

Picture of child with balloons

Given all the wonderful ideas generated and enthusiasm to share good practice, the purpose of the celebration events is to hear the practice present their application, present the PACE Setter Award to these practice teams who have completed the process, and encourage those still working at it.

As well as being excellent education events, the celebration events are happy occasions for networking and sharing best team practice generated from the collaboration with staff and patients. In the invite to these events we say “Just to let you know also that the achievements we will be celebrating are, of course, much too important to keep to ourselves and so we have extended our invitations to the event to the wider community of clinicians and others involved in "keeping sick kids safe"”.

PACE Setter has attracted both the support and enthusiastic interest of many different organisations including the CCGs, HEE KSS, Healthwatch, RCGP, RCPCH and the NHS South East Strategic Clinical Networks.

The film clips are extracts from the day and are well worth viewing to capture some of the excitement, enthusiasm and energy of practice teams coping with real life pressures of NHS primary care today whilst achieving exceptional improvements in quality for their young population. They have found it to be a fulfilling and team-building exercise which comes across in the film clips attached.

They are a fantastic opportunity to share and reflect on the excellent work we all do to support sick children, young people and their families and by filming the events the legacy of inspiration and encouragement is available to share here.