PACE Setter: Glebe Surgery, Storrington

This year, Glebe Surgery have chosen to concentrate on children 0-5 years. After undertaking their engagement activities they have agreed to pursue their main broad activities around consolidating practice and approach with regard to the common condition pathways.

Examples of their initiatives are:

  • Embed sick child EMIS templates on our system
  • Aim to increase written advice to parents
  • Aim to ensure all staff using advice sheets on bronchiolitis, fever, head injury.

Key words –high volume pathways; upskilling clinicians and families; confidence and resilience


  • P – Engagement with families of 0 – 5 yrs
  • A – Fever video on TV screens
  • C – Safeguarding; high volume pathways embedding and use of EMIS by clinicians
  • E – Patient/family self-care/resilience; upskilling clinicians and families; fever film on practice screens (with subtitles) for families