PACE Setter: Greensand Health Centre, Maidstone

Stockett Lane Surgery noted that prior to their patient engagement survey they thought they would initially work on children with long term conditions, smoking, services available to support quitting and sexual health.

However as they noted “it appeared the CYP that responded to our survey were a healthy bunch who didn’t smoke, however they were more interested in easy access to the surgery, talking to the GP at convenient times and being informed of relevant health information.”

Overall Greensand HC state “We are working on a young persons section on our website and have made our new website easy to use for young people on their mobiles." They are currently undertaking the following activities: 

  • Accessing Services: review appointment system for CYP, availability of booking via website or an app. Seeking to place the onus on these young patients to inform the practice when their own mobile number changes so that they are still contactable sounds a great idea to test out and should enhance / promote their responsibility and interest in their interactions with the NHS.
  • Communications: using methods which CYP are using to better captivate and interact with them including as the practice feels their communications have been more focused on our elderly patients with little consideration about adapting the surgeries way of communicating with young people:
    • Increase use of Facebook and encourage young people to like our page and contribute to the growth and changes at the surgery (72 “Likes” as at May 2016)
    • Included a children’s section in our new newsletter
    • Increase database of mobile numbers, particularly of young people (young person is employed to phone the young patients to ensure database is up to date)
    • Send a birthday card with useful information to all 15 year olds, including info ensuring that their contact details are up to date
    • Photo boards in reception with all staff photo and information – at first staff were reluctant but many patients do stand and look at the photos (including with their children)
  • Education - Increase parental knowledge of a specific acute condition i.e.
    • Post videos to our website and Facebook page.
    • Add information to our patient leaflet
    • Create a dedicated area on our noticeboard/leaflet stands with information on acute conditions

Dr Helen Terrell – in conclusion on their achievement chart….

“This has been a fantastic experience for those involved and has given us fresh eyes on viewing our services from the eyes of young people.  Our plans have changed along the way but it appears that technology was an important aspect of the young persons care to the young person, and so we hope that this project has completely embraced IT and will continue to do so and expand.”


  • P – Survey with teens; secondary school; staff engagement; engagement lead to a turnaround in their key activities.
  • A – Review appointment system for CYP, availability of booking via website or an app; Facebook page.
  • C – Safeguarding; high volume pathways embedding.
  • E – Patient/family self-care/resilience; upskilling families.

Key words: IT underpins their PACE Setter application, practice Facebook page.

Picture of child with balloons