PACE Setter: Henfield Medical Centre, Henfield

Henfield Medical Centre (HMC) decided to focus their energies on adolescents / young people. Their engagement encompassing both staff and patients included:

  • Setting up a practice young person's team
  • Engagement stage 1 - in-house whole practice meeting ‘ENCIRCLE’ to introduce PACE Setter
  • Designing/writing questionnaires and promote with posters and flyers
  • Engagement stage 2 - open meeting at HMC for young people – called “Be Heard in Henfield.”
  • Speak to community youth leaders, explorers to encourage participation, local school nurse

Key activities chosen for the HMC PACE Setter project:

Appointments: looked into offering more young person friendly times, i.e. reserve some early morning or 4 o’clock ones just after school, (when the bus gets to Henfield). Discussed at practice meeting and implemented followed by a three month trial and review.

Education: ran a whole team education session at an encircle, feeding back the questionnaire and meeting results and educating staff in YP friendly behaviour and consultation skills. Useful resource found to be the ‘GP Champions For Youth Health Project ToolKit’.

Communication: developed a young person's section on their practice website with information for them and useful links to relevant resources including voluntary sector services and providers. Contacted local youth officer to help.

Have created a ‘birthday card’ to send to 15 year olds as above - innovative idea!


  • P – “Be Heard in Henfield” – YP and local community / leaders engagement; staff engagement
  • A – Dedicated section for YP Website; happy birthday card for 15 yos; flexible appointment times for YP
  • C – Safeguarding
  • E – Whole team education event around YP; Change in culture at the practice (whole team) for management of YP

Key words – Happy birthday card for 15 yos; adolescent health; YP website; flexible appointment times for YP

Henfield Medical Centre – Dr Olivia Snape at November 2015 event:

Picture of child with balloons