PACE Setter: Maywood Surgery, Bognor Regis

Maywood Surgery’s tailored questionnaire and engagement results clearly informed the key activities they chose to focus upon which underpins PACE Setter.

Key activities tackled (which are by no means small or simple topics to address!) included:

  • Open access appointments: a card is given to parents during a consultation, advising them they have open access for a certain time period following a child’s minor illness to seek a proactive way to be available as the first port of call for your patients/families (as per their preference).
  • Website and social media: use of social media for the younger age groups as well as for the 13 – 18 yrs (targeted on their practice website)
  • Clinical pathway implementation: via SystmOne templates and to increase safety netting advice to parents (and in conjunction with the open access ticket system) to ensure consistency in thresholds and encourage confidence in self caring by parents.
  • Childhood obesity: this is a large long term topic to cover and is the first time it has been chosen as a key activity. They have audited measuring of weights taken vs patients' responses. Idea generated from staff perception vs Public Health priority but as a team  “we believe that childhood obesity is something as a team we were poor at identifying and approaching.”


  • P – Under 5s engagement; Staff engagement;
  • A – CYP Section on Website; Open Access Ticket for Minor Illness
  • C – Safeguarding; Clinical Pathway implementation
  • E – Childhood obesity (staff and patients resilience)

Key words – CYP website, open access ticket for minor illness, childhood obesity (staff and patients resilience)

Picture of child with balloons