PACE Setter: Moatfield Surgery, East Grinstead

Moatfield which won the first ever PACE Setter Award and conducted a three pronged approach to their user engagement exercise.

  • Focus group work with parents/carers/specific carer groups and a separate group for teenagers.
  • Patient surveys
  • Meeting with our Patient Participation Ggroup

As well as a safeguarding review and assurance, the three key activities Moatfield focussed upon were:

Access for 13 – 18 year olds: development of a dedicated peer-approved area on the website

“We learnt that teenagers feel strongly about their health and want to empower themselves, whilst they have a lot of information at their fingertips (literally) via the web they still have trust in medical practitioners. We felt there was a lot of confusion and mis-understanding over when/who/how/with whom a teenage could consult and over issues of consent and confidentiality.”

Head injury pathways (acute and short term conditions)

“To improve our service and to empower our staff. To set a clear policy that is consistent across the board. To engender a positive culture in the management of CYP from the first contact to the last. We already had an excellent resource with the SCN pathways and wanted to use them to the fullest and to prevent unnecessary attendance at A and E”

Non-clinician education and training

“We did some workshops and confidential surveys of staff and we learnt again, how enthusiastic our non-clinician team are about patient care. We appreciated how our own experiences as parents and carers  and patients can help us in our work. We plan to have biannual workshops of this type to continue to learn from each other.”

The next phase: "GP not A&E" campaign

In our work for PACE Setter in 2014, we audited our patients’ A&E attendances over three months (children only) and identified that a significant proportion of those attendances could have been avoided and the condition managed by the GP. We decided this would be a good issue to tackle for the next phase of our PACESETTER project. - Read more about GP not A&E


  • P – Teenage focus group
  • A - Dedicated website for youth which is peer reviewed, Big Red Button
  • C – Head injury pathways; Safeguarding
  • E – Non-Clinical Education

Moatfield Surgery at the November 2015 PACE Setter event:

“PACE example of outstanding practice”
-CQC Report Dec 2015, Moatfield Surgery, St Michaels Road, East Grinstead

Picture of child with balloons
Moatfield award plaque