PACE Setter: Pirbright Surgery, Woking

Pirbright Surgery have chosen the following key activities to focus on:

  • Increasing awareness of online booking as none of the patients engaged at the outset were aware of this facility to improve access. The panel are interested in how rates improve (or compared to same time last year) as they raise awareness to give an objective measure of the effectiveness of the work. The affect on DNA rates might be of interest too.
  • Raising awareness of traffic lights/signs and symptoms to parents and families.
  • Improving links with local primary school; particularly around safeguarding and behaviour concerns. The panel noted that both of their parties will know much about the families and coming together can make a real difference both to the families and your own organisations – well done, sounds like a great idea.

The panel reiterated that any feedback in the form of quotes from both staff and patients are always extremely helpful too and can sum up the (positive) impact/improvement of PACE Setting in a sentence!


  • P – tbc
  • A – Improving links with local primary school; Increasing awareness of online booking; tbc
  • C - tbc
  • E – Education of families on safety netting / traffic light advice; tbc

Key words – online booking; tbc

Picture of child with balloons