PACE Setter: Willow Green Surgery, East Preston

Willow Green Surgery undertook both patient engagement and staff engagement.

As well as a safeguarding review and assurance, the three key Activities Willow Green focussed upon were:

  • To proactively contact and meet with the school nurses and health visitors to find out issues of concern for children and young people in our area. Dr Lee has met with the health visitor on two occasions each time the list of patients with safeguarding issues were reviewed and updated.  Local trends were discussed.
  • Sick child template - created a clinical system template for clinical input and aide memoire. The practice states: “It is available to all SystmOne practices to import if requested and is particularly useful for GP registrars, nurse practitioners and paramedic practitioners.”
  • Invitation to paediatrician and A&E consultant – To make the opportunity / get the chance to meet each other in person and to discuss opportunities and challenges from both our perspectives. The award panel felt that this “reaching out” is powerful and will help to forge relationships and reduce “silo-working” / frustrations and improve experience for both local patients and practice staff. At the meeting the practice, reviewed the last year of referrals with outcomes; disseminated learning points to all clinicians; reported training day implications to CWS CCG. They noted, “It is our intention to purchase a wraparound pulse oximeter. Also as a result of the meeting with the paediatrician our current GP registrar is doing an audit of our under 16 asthma patients to see how well controlled their asthma is. She will be checking frequency of annual reviews, height, weight, centile and medication..”

“There were very good responses to 12 out of the 13 questions asked. In response to one question, ’Did the nurse tell you what to do or who to contact if you were worried about anything after your child’s urgent appointment?’, four parents responded with a no. We will review this at our clinical governance meeting on 17/07/15” – Nancy Turner, Practice Manager, Willow Green Surgery


  • P – Staff and patient engagement
  • A – Newsletter (including self care information)
  • C – Sick child template for assessment; safeguarding
  • E – Referral review / feedback from hospital consultants

Key words: sick child template for assessment; practice newsletter; immunisation clinics; school nurses; health visitors; meetings with hospital consultants; reducing “silo-working”

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