Patient participation groups (PPGs)

Patient participation is integral to our commissioning principles:

“Patient centred:  patients and the public are at the heart of everything we do and we will understand and act on what really matters to people. They will be active partners in both decisions about their own care and in how we improve care and their local NHS”.

What is patient participation?

Patient participation is about patients working with health professionals to:

  • improve communication between patients, doctors and health services.
  • put patients at the centre of their health care.
  • increase patient satisfaction.

What is a patient participation group (PPG)?

A patient participation group (PPG) is a group of patients and carers of patients who use a particular doctor’s surgery and who volunteer together to:

  • provide a collective patient voice.
  • assist the surgery to communicate with patients using the surgery.
  • work with the surgery and others to meet the needs of the wider community and improve health outcomes.

It is a contractual requirement for all GP practices to have a PPG.

PPG events

Through popular demand, the CCG runs two bi-annual events to inform about planning and local strategy, provide networking opportunities for the PPGs and to offer them support around communication, being effective, promoting their service and more. Each PPG event tends to follow a particular theme, these being related to the CCG priorities at that time.