PCCC questions and answers

6 December 2016

What stage are plans for using the old Littlehampton Hospital site at? Do they include upgrading the existing health centre nearby and is the a timetable of expected delivery of a facility on the site?

The CCG is working with health and local authority partners under the direction of Coastal Care to find clinically and financially sustainable health and social care solutions for the residents of Coastal West Sussex. As part of this strategy, we are in the early stages of developing plans for 'local community networks' (LCNs) across the footprint to ensure our services meet residents' needs in each local area. There are eight LCNs proposed, including Littlehampton, and the provision of high quality estate and facilities will be crucial to the effective delivery of the LCNs.

Initial plans and timetables are still under discussion and are very much dependant on the availability of funding to support speedier implementation, and as the CCG does not own any facilities and is not directly involved with either the hospital site or health centre, it will need to continue to work in partnership with local providers to secure a solution that works for all parties involved.

Littlehampton has been identified in our STP submission as one of our priority areas for investment and the CCG is therefore keen on finding a solution once the specification for LCNs has been worked up in detail.

What progress has been made on opening a new practice in North Littlehampton in the Morrisons enterprise centre for which consultants were employed to deliver and planning consent has already been granted? How much has been spent on trying to deliver this to date?

As you will be aware, it was initially intended that Arun Medical Group (AMG) would move into surgery accommodation at the Wick Primary Care Hub development on the Morrisons site. Following the closure of AMG, it was necessary to develop an alternative proposal alongside plans by Arun District Council to take forward the development of the Enterprise Centre. The CCG has been working to develop a proposal for two practices in greater Littlehampton to use the Morrisons site as a branch surgery.

These conversations are on-going and we are hoping to finalise the GP accommodation requirements and proposed terms of occupation in the near future. Both practices plan to operate branch facilities at Wick to meet the needs of their expanded patient lists and future new residents to the area. Their main surgeries will remain open.

Assuming the discussions between Arun DC and Morrisons are successful, the next steps will be for the CCG to approve a business case for the development of the GP accommodation.

We fully understand the frustrations of patients and Arun local residents around the length of time it has taken to get agreement to utilise the Morrisons site to provide health services on their site can take place.

The costs to date of trying to deliver this new site are not easily identifiable: we can, however, work to provide you with an estimate.

What measures are being put in place to attract GPs to work in Arun? How can any organisation, I.E the Government, get away with such gross neglect when it comes to future workforce planning?

The CCG is looking at retention and recruitment for General Practice across CWS as part of its Adapt and Thrive Strategy for developing new, more effective ways of delivering primary care. This included a workforce recruitment survey in April 2016 and the development of new GP Career opportunities such as “portfolio” roles where half is working as a GP within a practice, and the other half is developing a specialist interest. The CCG is also exploring the development of promotional recruitment media to attract new GPs to the Coastal West Sussex area. In addition there is funding available through the General Practice Forward View for developing staff and optimising resources: this includes resources for workflow optimisation and care navigator projects, which aim to free up GP time to increase capacity.

Nationally, as part of the General Practice Forward View there is a range of initiatives for expanding the workforce supported by an extra £206 million as part of the Sustainability and Transformation package. Key actions include an increase in GP training recruitment to support an overall growth of 5,000 extra doctors by 2010 and a major recruitment campaign to attract doctors to become GPs. Details are available from NHS England.

As you will appreciate however, the impact of this additional investment will not be felt for some time and, at present, practices across coastal West Sussex are struggling to recruit sufficient GPs.

Within Arun, the 6 practices impacted by the AMG closure have been able to increase salaried and locum GP sessions and have recruited additional nursing support: it is anticipated that from January, they will be taking on new full and part time GPs and nursing staff.

I was pleased to see mention of the Littlehampton Community Hub mentioned in the STP with up to £6 millions of capital potentially available. Whilst the opening of a very minor injuries facility at Park Surgery 9-5 Monday to Friday is welcome can we have it confirmed that it is not the height of our ambition as we can surely do better?

We are aware the Littlehampton hospital site has been outstanding for a long time which has frustrated local residents. The CCG is working with other stakeholders to look at the options for a community hub, but this is not straightforward – the existing facilities are not owned by the CCG (they are currently managed by NHS Property Services) and neither has GP involvement.

The CCG’s priority is to develop Local Community Networks across Coastal West Sussex. For Littlehampton, this will mean working with partners and the community to determine what options are preferred and affordable. This is being taken forward within the Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) and Coastal Care footprint which are both big and complex strategies for collaborative working and involve a number of health and local government organisations.

The CCG has just established a Coastal Care workstream for local community network (LCN) implementation, which includes Littlehampton. This will include estates and work will go at pace as the Coastal Care timescale is short.

There are clearly going to be financial implications to redesigned services and estates. We are working with partners, particularly the District Council, to identify funding sources, e.g. s106 and Community Infrastructure Levy linked to new house builds

Littlehampton has been prioritised through both STP and One Public Estate (OPE) submissions. This may provide additional funding, though we have yet to have confirmation.