Patient participation groups event June 2016

Firstly, a big thank you to the 27 members from 16 different practices who attended the networking event that we hosted here at the Causeway on June 9th, we hope that you found it useful.

Event feedback

The feedback that you gave us was really encouraging.

90% of you said that the event had met your expectations and many comments told us that you felt informed and pleased to learn from others.

Information from the event

We heard a lot of information and there was some very interesting discussion around the key themes of the day, which were:

  • The environment in which primary care operates  
  • The voice on the ground (challenges for GP practices)
  • The Primary and Urgent Care Survey 2015 findings

I promised that I would summarise the information that our Chief of Development and Transformation, Glynn Dodd, spoke about.

Similarly, we promised to keep you informed about how we are using and sharing the findings from the Primary and Urgent Care Survey 2015.

The findings of the survey are already being used within the CCG for planning and commissioning services – they have been presented to:

  • the Governing Body,
  • the urgent care and primary care teams,
  • the GP teams in all the localities,
  • and for managers for each of the different themes for example cancer and diabetes.

An eight page summary for patients and the public will be available online and in hard copy in July, and the full write up will be on our website in July, along with articles in the press.

Links to these write ups will be sent out to our ePanel, and hard copies will be sent to GP surgeries and PPGs.  Do contact us if you would like extra copies.

We will be writing specific papers for our partner organisations for example Western Sussex Hospital Foundation Trust relating to their services. We will be taking the summary out with us as we do our summer of “Lets Talk” events, and we will target voluntary and community groups in the area.

Your ideas

During the networking session over lunch (and what a good lunch it was too), we asked you to write down your ideas and share your learning on four key themes.

We have written these ideas up in full, but to summarise, I have picked a few examples that represent the most common themes:

1 Good work your PPG has done

Informing and educating…working together be it by distributing leaflets or holding health awareness events.

2 Areas where your PPG could improve

The challenge remains around getting a wider representation from the community, particularly younger people and using digital forms of communication

3 Good ways to make your PPG reflect your registered patient population

  • Getting amongst the people -  PPG members rotate at surgery times and chat to patients waiting in different age groups to gain interest and going out to community groups
  • Going out to different groups

4 Why do you think some GP practices do not have a PPG

If there is a lack of support and awareness either from the community and the practice it is very difficult to get a group going.


Overall, we heard from you that the opportunity to network, learn from each other and share ideas is incredible valuable. We are looking into how we can make our website work better for you.

We would like to enable you to share information more easily with each other. This may take a little time so please bear with us and we will update you soon.

Glynn Dodd, our Chief of Development and Transformation has suggested that we increase our support to you and hold the PPG event every six months rather than annually.

We would like to give you and your group the opportunity to network freely with each other without the restrain of a formal agenda. Therefore, we propose that each year we hold one formal PPG event when we update you on key issues and hear from you about your observations, and that we also facilitate an additional networking session when we supply the room, the lunch, pens and potentially a facilitator.

So please, watch this space...

- Renee Dickinson, Public Engagement Manager