Primary and urgent care survey - age

The majority of the responses to the survey were in the older age group, and we did not target people under the age of 18.

We had responses from 140 people under the age 25, and 227 25 – 35.

As shown in the discussions above, fewer younger people visited their GP. Proportionally more younger people were happy to travel further, see a different GP more quickly, were happy to go to different GP surgery and would like to use extended hours.  Proportionally more young people were interested in video conferencing and other digital technology and were confident that they had enough information about urgent care.

Looking particularly at the other end of the spectrum, we had 1,200 responses from the over 75 age group. Fewer in this age group were happy in using digital technology, travelling to other practices, and to use extended opening times. Proportionally more of this age group had physical disabilities, visited their GP four times or more, and 37% had an urgent care need for themselves and 14% for an adult they were caring for.

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