Primary and urgent care survey - awareness of urgent care services

Nearly all respondents had heard of 111, pharmacy and GP during opening hours as an option for urgent care.

Table 13: Awareness of urgent care services

  Number Percentage
GP surgery during opening hours 5,372 91
NHS 111 5,031 86
Pharmacy 5,022 85
Accident & Emergency (A & E) in Worthing Hospital 4,333 74
Out of hours doctors (e.g. at St Richards Hospital, Worthing Hospital) 3,807 65
Accident and Emergency (A & E) at St Richards Hospital, Chichester 2,846 48
Minor Injuries Unit at Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital 1,812 31
Sussex Mental Healthline 741 13
MIAMI Clinic (at Durrington Health Centre, Old Shoreham Road Surgery, Selden Medical Centre) 761 13
Minor Injuries Unit at Park Surgery in Littlehampton [17] 771 13
Other 51 1
None of these 1 0

The awareness of different services varied according to areas, as people were aware of their local facilities.

For example, 79% of people in the Regis area knew about the MIU in Bognor, and this had a higher recognition in Arun and Chichester localities. Likewise, Worthing A&E is known of by 85% of people in Cissbury, Arun and Adur, but lower numbers in Chanctonbury, Chichester and Regis. Chichester A&E is known about by 73% of people from Chichester and 74% Regis.

The MIAMI clinic is known about by 21% of people in Cissbury and 16% of Arun, the area it primarily services, and Littlehampton surgery is known by 32% of Arun and 24% of Regis.

Smaller proportions of people from a ‘White Other’ background (70%) were aware of pharmacies than the rest of the population (84%), and only 51% were aware of out of hours doctors services.

There was a small but statistically significant difference in the proportion of women than men knowing about 111, pharmacy and out of hours doctors. There was higher proportion of the younger people (under 65) who were aware of all services than the older population.

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