Primary and urgent care survey - co-ordination of services and poor communication

There were over 200 comments about co-ordination of services and poor communication.

Patients talked about the lack of co-ordination between different parts of the NHS, particularly the lack of notes from one ward to another or between GPs and doctors.  People found it frustrating when they were referred to an appointment and that their notes were not available.

"Streamline" so I'm not passed from pillar to post with all the waiting this entails for an appointment at the hospital. Make things easier for someone who's not well.

People complained about lack of communication, both observed poor communication between services and also of results to patients. Examples were given of notes not being passed from ward to ward in the hospital, results of scans, tests, treatment and changed medication not being sent from hospitals to GPs, getting delayed appointment letters or incorrect appointments.

Communication!  Four weeks wait for x-ray result to be sent from Worthing  A&E  to my GP,  despite several telephone calls,  three weeks and still waiting for results of scan to be sent from St  Richards.  Poor administration is letting down  the  excellent work medical staff

The administration at and between St Richard's and Worthing Hospital is very poor.  Both my wife and I have on several occasions arrived at the appointed time only to discover that they did not expect us!  On other occasions we have received letters asking us why we did not attend appointments we knew nothing about.  These are not one-off events and I consider it a very serious problem.

Ensure that there is proper communication between different departments in the hospital.  For example, a Registrar I saw, passed the buck by sending me back to physiotherapy, rather than refer me to an appropriate consultant within the hospital who could perform an injection under ultrasound.  I ended up going back to my GP, who was not happy with the way I had been "shunted around".

having cared for parents in their 90's  for the post few years, care is fragmented into 'teams'  the repeat checks and do not communicate with each other, leaving the individual needing care and  support totally confused. They use names for these teams which mean  nothing to the elderly individual i.e. 'rate team '

Foster better communication between GPs and hospitals. From my own and anecdotal experience the patient often feels there is conflict between these two parts of the NHS. This could possibly be because they have separate budgets and it seems they are often at odds about who should be providing treatment and/or medication. This situation leaves the patient feeling frustrated and unsure who is actually responsible for what.

 In my own case no discharge letter was sent to my GP so they had no idea I'd been in hospital and could not refer me on with a discharge letter and scan results which should have been undertaken by the hospital. After contacting the consultant’s secretary I still waited 3 week with no reply. I had to chase the follow up myself through PALS who are a real asset.

Have a 'joined-up' service from one ward to another, I kept having to repeat the same information to staff each time my father changed wards. Why can’t this information be put on his electronic file for the next member of staff to read & act on. I was also given information on a different patient Twice! How helpful is that!!!

Be more joined up. My recent example was for a need for prescription pain killers for an abscess under my tooth. The dentist could prescribe antibiotics but not pain killers. When the pain became unbearable I went to a local pharmacy who also could not write a prescription. The wait for an out of hours doctor was several hours so I went to Worthing A&E. They said I should have gone to an out of hours doctor but then booked me into OOH doctor at Worthing. I still had to wait several hours but probably probably got seen quicker than usual GP's OOH. I ended up running around for a few hours in a lot of pain and felt that I wasting A&E's time - which I was really.

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