Primary and urgent care survey - conclusion

This survey collates findings and experiences from nearly 6,000 people in Coastal West Sussex area, and we are enormously grateful to all those who took time to fill it in or answer over the phone.

These considerable numbers mean we can be confident that we are capturing the views and experiences of a wide range of our patients and the public.

The people who responded are older than the population in general, and this needs to be remembered when interpreting the findings.

Having said this, the older population are higher users of NHS services, and represent the views of the people we are seeing coming through the doors of our practices and hospitals.

We ensured that we reached younger people through using quotas for the telephone survey, and conducted focus groups and discussions with other service users who are seldom heard, for example people with disabilities.

However, we are aware that there is low representation from Black Asian and Ethnic Minority groups, and people with learning disabilities and therefore we will continue to outreach to these groups to inform the work.

The overwhelming response is that people value and treasure the NHS and the staff who work within it, and criticisms are made with the understanding that resources are extremely stretched and that staff are working within difficult conditions.

A quarter of responses to the request for suggestions of improvements were that it was good and did not need to be improved.

There were areas highlighted that clearly demonstrated the need for improvement, and some serious issues that need to be addressed.

The findings of the survey are being used in the CCG’s work and plans for the next two years. In particular, the survey has been integral to the development of the CCG’s primary care strategy, and specific workstreams such as improving access to appointments are being progressed to address some of the priorities raised here.

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