Primary and urgent care survey - feedback and suggestions for 111

There were 70 comments about the 111 service with some positive feedback about being given good information about going to the GP and advice.

111 was excellent with care and advice.

Ensure that staff answering NHS 111 calls are fully cognisant with what constitutes an emergency. My personal experience has been very good.

I was going to go to A&E but NHS 111 told me that I could go to my GP I didn't need to rush to A&E.         

However, there were several complaints (22) about the delays using 111.

The 111 service has not always been the most helpful, a doctor took 28 hours to call back.

Having phoned 111 in an evening regarding my partner who has terminal mesothelioma, I was told a doctor would ring me back within an hour but this didn't happen. Having rung them back an ambulance was sent which was a good job as he was very ill indeed at this point. I would like to see this improved as it was very worrying.

I had a bad experience with 111, service I will never use it again, last time doctors eventually arrived six hours, after my original phone call.

Ensure that all staff speak fluent English, I recently used 111 for my son who was 5 months old I was very worried about him, but she couldn't understand what I was saying.

Quicker call back from 111. I phoned at eight  in evening re elderly father got call back at 4.30am asking to bring him to out of hours surgery the following morning.

Have access to a GP locally at the weekend. Perhaps Practices could be open on a well-advertised rota system similar to pharmacies. The only time I needed urgent care was at the weekend. I had unsatisfactory advice from NHS 111 - on Monday morning the surgery phone was permanently engaged, so I was not seen till the afternoon.

There were 28 complaints about the computerised questions/lack of skilled respondents and 11 said scrap the 111 service.

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