Primary and urgent care survey - general comments from the survey

Over 800 (18%) were spontaneous positive comments either saying that there was nothing that could be improved or some comment about the services that people had experienced.

"I can't think of anything you can improve on, I am 91 years old and my wife passed away in March of this year at the age of 95. She had Parkinson’s and dementia, she wanted to die at home so I looked after her at home for 3 years or more and the help and care I got from the NHS was so good I can't say a bad word about it"

"Nothing needs to change, I have used the NHS quite often over the past few years for a number of serious causes and I cannot imagine what life would be like without it. The NHS and its staff are second to none"

People used terms such as:

  • ‘excellent care and treatment’,
  • ‘outstanding’,
  • ‘caring’,
  • ‘hard working’,
  • ‘exceptional’,
  • ‘first class’,
  • ‘wonderful’,
  • ‘excellent staff’,
  • ‘helpful’.

People drew on their experience of good care, and talked of surgeries or particular services that had worked well for them.

The issues that came up most frequently in the comments were around GP appointments (1,652), in terms of problems accessing appointments, suggestions for extended hours, appointments not being long enough and not being able to get through to surgeries.

The second most cited issue was delays in getting secondary appointments or treatment (502). This included waiting for hospital referrals, treatment, test results and other services.

Other issues raised were:

  • more training for staff,
  • support for GPs,
  • transport and parking,
  • prescriptions,
  • misuse of services by patients,
  • desire for health promotion/checks,
  • premises,
  • discharge planning,
  • home visits and
  • communication problems.

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