Primary and urgent care survey - level of urgency/concern

The survey asked those who had used urgent care services how worried they were about the issue.

The majority were either ‘extremely’ (43%) or ‘somewhat’ (30%) worried.  However, a quarter were either ‘slightly worried’ (14%) or just ‘wanted reassurance /advice’ (12%).

It is possible that the latter could be helped by other methods such as phone conversations (may have used 111) or alternative approaches such as email or referring to a website.   

A higher proportion of people with physical disabilities, mental health problems and long term conditions were extremely worried.

Figure 12: Urgent care users: how worried/ concerned.

It appears that once people have attended or received help from the urgent care services they are reasonably confident that they had made the right choice, are satisfied with the treatment they have received, with 91% saying they would use it again.

Figure 13 shows that just under three quarters are either very or extremely confident that they had chosen the right service.

Figure 13: Confidence in right choice of service