Primary and urgent care survey - route through the system

One of the concerns driving the review of the front door of urgent care is that people are being ‘bounced around the system’ and having to present at different places before they access appropriate help.

The aim of the review is to ensure that people get the right service straight away at whichever point they access first. Owing to the way the survey was done, this routing through the system can only be explored in the phone survey.

Of 443 who had urgent care problem, 161 (just over a third) went on to another service, and 16 went to a third. Of these, 101 were callers to 111 where you would expect them to be referred on – 70 went to A&E, 16 to out of hours doctors, others to general practice, the Bognor MIU or pharmacy. However, of the 174 who went to in hours GP, 48 went on to other services including 32 to A&E, others to out of hours doctors, and the minor injuries unit.

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