Primary and urgent care survey - suggestions for improvements to urgent care

A range of suggestions were made for urgent care services.

More real time information about waiting times and availability of staff at different services

View on-line the real-time waiting times at A&E and minor injury clinics so I can go to the least busy.

Minor injuries or primary care available at A&E

A minor accident unit at A&Es so people who misuse A&E's can be filtered to or told to go straight to. Then A&E's can be for accidents and emergencies. Too many people miss-use the service.

Work with people to avoid unnecessary use of A&E

Stop time wasters at A&E so that there is not a 6 hour wait for people in great pain who urgently need attention. Perhaps charge a fee? When we went twice last Christmas to Chichester A&E there were people with minor complaints who just didn't want to make an appointment with their GP during the week.

I guess make more people aware to not go straight to A&E just because it is open.

Strong views about the behaviour of other patients

 It is unacceptable to sit there for hours with drunks making trouble and throwing up. […] I will never forget the scenes while my dad was dying and these thugs were causing mayhem!! please!!

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