Primary and urgent care survey - summary

NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CWS CCG) has a bold ambition for the future of the local NHS, making integrated care a reality for our population. Integrated care means caring for people as a whole and looking at the health of whole communities.

We are working with our NHS and social care colleagues towards a whole health and social care system based on the needs of our population. Nationally and locally, primary and urgent care is under pressure.

There are increased patient complexities and demand, problems in recruiting doctors and nurses, and at the same time considerable financial pressure. Putting the patient at the centre is a key aim of CWS CCG. In the run up to 2017 our particular focus is on integrating primary care with community services and transforming urgent care. The majority of members of the public access the local NHS via primary and urgent care so patient and public engagement is crucial to achieving our aims.

How people experience, perceive and use these services is crucial to how we succeed in providing the healthcare that is needed.

In this light, CWS CCG conducted a large scale survey to capture the views, wishes and suggestions of the people in our area. We received over 6,000 responses overall, representing more than 1% of our population. Moreover, we received over 4,300 comments  to the question of “What one thing could we do to improve your experience of local NHS services”.  These voices, the themes and individual comments will help drive our vision and ensure we hear the views of the community.

The survey explored people’s reactions to potential changes to primary care services, including the desire for continuity of individual GPs, the need for extended hours, use of digital technology, the potential of visiting nearby GP surgeries and seeing other professionals.

It also looked at people’s awareness and choices of urgent care services.

This is a summary of the findings, with some direct quotations from the survey: a more detailed report of the survey findings is available.

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