Primary and urgent care survey - who did we hear from?

The survey was conducted in three main ways – 1,000 telephone interviews with people across CWS, approximately 3,500 were paper copies returned by post and approximately 1,500 were responded to online.

We received a higher number of responses from older people (65+) and from more women (60%) than men. Thus, our sample is older than the general population – we have fewer aged 18 to 44 and have more in the 45+ age range.

The vast majority of the respondents were from a White British background (95%) – slightly higher than that of the population (93%).  The biggest minority group is White Other at 2%, which is smaller than in our population (3.4%). Our sample includes some participants from Asian, Mixed, and Black backgrounds, but these are under-represented compared to the population.

We heard from people with disabilities: 714 had some form of physical disability (12%), 252 (4%) had a mental health condition and 1,346 (23%) had a long term health condition. We also heard from carers:  over a quarter (27%) had a caring role; 780 were parents, of whom 204 had children under the age of five, and 840 (15%) were caring for an adult.  A small number (89) were caring for both children and an adult.

Ninety three per cent of the sample had visited their GP in the past year either for themselves or for someone they were caring for, roughly half of these were heavy users (four visits or more).

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