Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is a committee of the Governing Body and is accountable to the Governing Body (Assurance). The confirmed minutes of each Quality Committee will be submitted to the Governing Body (Assurance) for information along with an assurance report detailing key topics discussed.

The purpose of the Quality Committee is to assist CWS CCG to deliver its responsibilities for patient quality and safety, the effectiveness of clinical care and putting patient quality at the heart of the NHS (Department of Health 2013).

Quality, in terms of the focus of this group, is defined as clinical effectiveness, patient experience and patient safety. The Quality Committee promotes and assures quality so that patients have effective and safe care with a positive experience of services commissioned by the CCG, supported by programmed reviews of the governance arrangements within provider organisations.

The recommendations of the Francis Report (Department of Health 2013) are reflected within the work of the committee:

“The commissioner is entitled to and should, wherever it is possible to do so, apply a fundamental safety and quality standard in respect of each item of service it is commissioning. In relation to each such standard, it should agree a method of measuring compliance and redress for non-compliance”.

Terms of reference

The Quality Committee's Terms of Reference are available in our Constitution.

Membership of the Quality Committee

  • Lay member (Quality and Patient Safety) (Chair)
  • Registered nurse (Independent Clinical Member) (Vice Chair)
  • Secondary care clinician (Independent Clinical Member)
  • Lay member (Patient & Public Engagement)
  • Chair of Healthwatch West Sussex
  • CWS CCG Clinical Director
  • CWS Chief Operating Officer
  • CWS CCG Head of Quality & Nursing
  • CWS CCG Quality Team members
  • CWS CCG Head of Contracting
  • CWS CCG Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children
  • CWS CCG Designated Nurse Safeguarding Adults

The minutes for each monthly meeting will be available from this page once confirmed at the subsequent Quality Committee meeting.