Understanding CHC

NHS Continuing Healthcare is the name given to a package of services which is arranged and funded by the NHS for people outside of hospital with complex ongoing primary health needs.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is provided to both children and adults, it is not dependent on having a particular diagnosis, disease or condition, nor where care is provided or who provides it.

Continuing Healthcare is provided in any setting, including the home or in a care home setting as long as the patient meets the national criteria and is registered to a West Sussex GP.

Videos of the CHC process

Some patients, clients, families or service users may find it easier to understand the key stages of the NHS Continuing Healthcare process by watching the videos below.

Introduction to CHC including the NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care National Framework

Important facts about CHC and a primary health need

Requirements before CHC can commence e.g. consent

Step 1: the CHC checklist and the domains

Step 2: the full assessment

CHC reviews

CHC fast-track pathway